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Park4night: this APP makes your trip better

Park4night: this APP makes your trip better


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Park 4 night is an amazing APP!

Before our last vacation in Austria Slovenia and Croatia,
my friend Thomas, which you can follow on Facebook and Youtube
and find about his extraordinary trips,
he suggested me to download an APP:



It immediately has revealed a surprising app,
which helped us saved at least 200 euros
for a 13-days trip, and led us to beautiful places.
My family and me, we love to travel,
so, it's a necessary app for every trip.



Il mio primo luogo segnalato su park4night

In Austria, I used park4night to add a place that I found.
After a few days, I got an email from park4night,
telling me that images and comments have been added to my position.

Someone else has benefited.

Park4 night allows you to find your location easily
on the map, and the places around you
that other users have entered.

There are opportunities for everyone who travels.


In Croatia, we've been in beautiful places.

Get the app:



Michele from Vivishare

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