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Roof Top Tents are specific tents that are fixed to the roof of the car using roof bars.

Compared to a traditional awning to be placed on the ground, it is the practicality and speed of opening that distinguishes this product. In a few seconds it is possible to open the tent, and find the bed ready. In fact, these tents are equipped by the manufacturers with a mattress and in some cases also with cushions.

Another non-negligible advantage is the comfort of sleeping high above the ground. In fact, being at a greater height from the ground, the tent absorbs less humidity.

Traditionally these tents are used for off-road trips.

Today it is also expanding for tourist trips with all types of cars.

All awning models for any brand go into this category:

of Authome we have Maggiolina, Aircamping, Overzone, Overcamp, Columbus.
We have James Baroud, Thule Tepui, Carcamp, Suntop.

From iKAMPER we have the X-COVER and the Skycamp Mini.

It is possible to purchase Skycamp 2.0, Skycamp Mini, and X-Cover tents through our partner iKAMPER.


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