Roof tent for Maggiolina car.

the Maggiolina is the best known roof tent in Italy.

It has been produced by the Zifer company of Rivarolo Mantovano for decades.

This roof tent is characterized by two fiberglass shells, one closed over the other through a pantograph mechanism moved by an external crank applicable at the time of opening and closing.
The awning is attached to the car thanks to two rails incorporated in it 8In the lower shell) and to the roof bars of the car.

Once the opening handle of the Maggiolina awning has been activated, the synthetic Dralon fabric extends to become the walls.

Once opened, the door opens, the ladder is extracted, the latter is applied and the game is done. It can go up.

Inside you will find a cozy mattress and pillows (and you can store your sleeping bag or blanket inside).

Have a good trip!

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