Help people to have a great experience with a rooftop tent

There are those who would like to try the tent before making a purchase,

who instead would use it only one week a year,

and those who don't have the space to store it at the end of the season.

Hi, I'm Michele 

the founder of Vivishare, in these lines I want to introduce you to some aspects of my experience as the first roof top tent hirer in Italy. 

Safety first.

 I care about the protection of my equipment, and also about the safety of those who rely on me.

Those who hire RTT always receive, and on several occasions, the travel with peace of mind document, which contains the guidelines for avoiding the inconveniences that can occur with a tent on a car.

In this way everything always went well. 

Furthermore, the customer always pays a security deposit, which offers a guarantee in the event that the tent is returned in unacceptable conditions. 

And again.. 

All customers who use Vivishare accept at the time of booking the contractual conditions for the protection of the equipment, allow the possibility of photographing an identity document and agree to compensate in case of damage. 

If that weren't enough,

Vivishare can intervene in the event of damage with a maximum of 900 euros or replace the awning with one of the same purpose. Go serene and rent your tent.

Help People to live an expereince with a Roof Top Tent. Someone could have some doubts about wich tent to buy, antoher one uses this only one week 

Share your Roof Top Tent and make money with it.

With Vivishare, the purchase and possession of a RTT becomes an opportunity to earn during the year. 

You will be able to get up to 1000 euros per season.

Be the first in your area, join the Community.

Registration and advertisements are FREE!

My Winning Experience.

 I would like to share my experience with you in a few lines. 


A) YOU CAN GET A PROFIT I started renting my first Maggiolina in 2016 and surprisingly I received requests from all over northern Italy. Now I own 3 RTTs!
For me, the initiative has already translated into an income supplement with few hours of work.



In addition to earning money, you can meet new people, offer them a useful service and even become friends. I have received great satisfaction in seeing my clients leave and return from their vacation. 


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