In Croazia in maggiolina grazie a Vivishare

Vivishare was created to facilitate the use of RTTs and offer the possibility of having an unconventional travel experience.

Anyone who owns a roof top tent is welcome to become a Renter in Vivishare!

Renting a RTT is ideal for those who want to gain their first experience before making a possible purchase or for those who need the tent for a few weeks a year and also for those who need it for some outdoor event.

A trip with the tent on the car is a real adventure: you will be able to discover unusual places, venture into fascinating and unknown places, without worrying about finding a bed on which to rest. A ROOF TOP TENT is an ideal shelter for all outdoor activities.

The prices are adequate for a rental: for example a week can vary from 125 to around 250 euros, which for a couple translates into around 9-18€/night for everyone.

The marketplace for sharing and renting roof top tents was born in the summer of 2016, when I rented my Maggiolina Medium for the first time to a young couple from Trento for a trip to Sardinia, from which they returned enthusiastic .

Noleggio conveniente di tende per l'auto. Per la tua vacanza scegli una maggiolina a noleggio

Already in that first summer season I received many requests coming mainly from Northern Italy. Unfortunately many requests could not be satisfied, due to the great distance between me and the customers who needed a tent for their trip. Finding myself in Trentino, I was not able to satisfy all the needs and requests from afar.  
Thus I created the tools suitable for the purpose.
At the end of 2021 we were already a dozen of renters. 

Michael of Vivishare

Creation of the profile and product datasheets We now offer, to those who make their Roof Top Tent available, the complete service of creating a public profile, presenting their own tent and any accessories such as roof bars, awnings, camping kits, the service payment management, the booking system, a messaging management system, and marketing.

Search on the map

The customer can easily view on the map and find the tent that best suits his needs.

He will then find a description, pictures of the tent, the price and any accessories.

Mappa delle tende in Vivishare
Possibility of asking questions about the products
Once the customer has identified his or her favorited product, can ask to the renter using the product sheet, which can be made public so that other customers can see the question and the answer.

The simple booking system offers the possibility to choose from the calendar on the product page, the dates of collection and return of the equipment, then put the reservation in the cart and make the payment. 

Secure Payment
 The booking system provides for online payments  a secure service with STRIPE, that uses SSL and 3D.