Air Camping

Aircamping car roof tent.

Air Camping is the book opening tent. To open it, the protective waterproof PVC sheet is removed, the ladder is pulled and the tent opens. The tent is thus suspended partly on the car and partly on the ladder which rests on the ground.

Inside it is very spacious and high compared to other models (for example the Maggiolina). It is more than 130 cm high and you can change comfortably. The mattress is 220 cm long, the width varies according to the model.

There are 2 windows and 2 large openings to enter/exit and circulate the air, all equipped with mosquito nets!

The fabrics are waterproof and breathable.

The aircamping is probably the first car roof top tent ever made. Its first production dates back to 1959.

Today some technical construction techniques and materials change.

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