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Elba with Vivishare rooftop tent in late October! Dachzelt Nähe Bozen!

Elba with Vivishare rooftop tent in late October! Dachzelt Nähe Bozen!

  Sonja Six  

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Summer was already over?

Let’s try to stretch it a bit we thought, hit the road once more,
get somewhere for some good mountain biking and especially
enjoy some more nature and camping. So we ended up going for
a camping trip to Elba end of October with one of Vivishare’s rooftop tents.

Having already once experienced the comfort of a rooftop tent
and with Michele’s tents being basically on our way from Austria
to the South we knew that’s the perfect choice.
Camping with a rooftop tent just brings so many advantages.
You are extremely free of where to stay and spend your night,
it’s so fast and easy to set it up so that you can go to bed within minutes,
still while closed it is extremely small
and with our car we still fit everywhere. At the same time
you don’t have to bother with sleeping equipment
in the car which leaves plenty of space for other stuff
– in our case our bikes and mostly cooking equipment –
although we do not have a huge camper. Apart from all those
conveniences sleeping in a rooftop tent is extreme cosy and comfortable.

tenda da tetto maggiolina sull'isola d'elba It is basically comparable to a bed but you are fully in the nature.
We are usually camping somewhere
rather remote and rather avoid campsites.
Setting up a tent then I would not feel so comfortable.
However, in this shelter on the rooftop I feel perfectly save
and enjoy the loneliness, usually an amazing view inclusive.
Also with regards to temperature a rooftop tent is extremely flexible.
If it is warm outside you can open “windows” on all sides,
if you close everything after a while you feel a remarkable difference
between outside and inside which is great if you are on your way in a later season.

Renting from Michele at the same time was a perfect experience!
I was really happy about the flexibility for pick-up and drop-off times.
The tent was in really good condition and mounting
and demounting was done very quickly as well.
In addition, the prices are more than fair.
Considering that we usually stay for free
this was one of our cheapest vacations.
Being so perfectly situated on the way to the south is also a big plus.
Highly recommended! Get out there and enjoy the freedom! :)

Isola d'elba in maggiolina noleggio

Sonja & Jiri

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