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Mammut Equipment: your rooftop tent upgrade

Mammut Equipment: your rooftop tent upgrade


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The difficulty of opening and closing
the rooftop tent with a book opening system

is one of the reasons why the choice of a rooftop tent falls
on the Maggiolina model compared to an Air-camping or Overcamp.

Some owners of Tents with book opening system, just for this reason,
despite the advantages offered by the vast interior spaces above all in height,
which provide the opportunity to change clothes comfortably
inside the tent, are passed to the model with the shell.

The Maggiolina and Columbus models have a quick opening system,
with crank or gas pistons, which allow opening and closing
in a few seconds. For tents with book opening system, such as
Air Camping and Over Camp, mounted on very tall vehicles,
it's necessary to climb onto the roof to remove or place the protective cover.

(The protective cover is applied during the movements, and when the tent is closed.)

The new solution by Silvano Sala
from Mammut Equipment

The idea was born at the first use of a new Overcamp medium
for a trip to Corsica, the big France island in the Mediterranean sea,
with a group of friends, who bought the same tent model.

On the first day everything is fine, then the rain comes,
and getting on a high more than two meters to remove
or put back the protective cover proves a demanding
and even dangerous job.  This is how the idea of changing the tent was born.
With the Mammut Equipment upgrade, the ladder will no longer be under
the protective cover, but above, outside, so you just need to unhook
the rubber bands that fix the cover to the bottom, pull the ladder,
and the tent opens without having to climb.
The hood always remains attached to the tent.


Video demonstration.

Some technical information

The cover is a PVC-coated fabric on both sides; it's fireproof,
resistant to water and UV rays. The weight is 700 gr / sqm.

They cut the cover with a computerised machine and the welding of the
reinforcements take place through a high-frequency electronic welding machine.
The various parts that make up the cover are not sewn but thermally welded.
This technical device makes the sheet even more resistant to atmospheric agents,
therefore wholly waterproof. The kit consists of
- PVC sheet;
- Elastic cord;
- Original Autohome strap and hooks;
- Biting screws;
- Modification of the poles for the awning entrance awnings.
Ten colour shades are available.

In the parts of greater stress, i.e. where the sheet rests on the opening tent hinges,
Silvano reinforces the sheet by welding, inside and outside, other PVC strips.

 Saldatura dei rinforzi su telo Mammut Equipment

Other solutions by Mammut Equipment

I could see another exciting proposal in action.
The off-road veranda surprised me for the speed of opening and closing,
but above all for the resistance to wind stress.
It has an area of about 10 square meters
and covers two sides of the vehicle: aside and rear.

See the video:

The construction of lockers, drawers and the rationalisation
of the interior spaces of the off-road are another exciting proposals.

I leave all the details and request for more information directly to Silvano,
which you can contact via the following number:
348 754 2220
and on the Facebook page:

Michele from Vivishare

. :

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