Vivishare: history, instruments, and goals

1. History

ViviShare - the sharing and rental rooftop tents marketplace born in 2016,
when I rented, to a young couple, my  #maggiolina
for travel to Sardegna (one of the famous Italian island), from which they got back enthusiastically.

Noleggio conveniente di tende per l'auto. Per la tua vacanza scegli una maggiolina a noleggio

Already in that first summer season, I received many requests coming mainly from Northern Italy.
Unfortunately, we couldn't meet many requests due to the great distance between the customers and me.
I was not able to satisfy all the needs and requests coming from far away, so I created the platform
Now we offer the necessary services to rent your tent.
Michele from Vivishare

2. Tools for Renters

Profile creation and product sheets
We offer instruments to create your profile if you want to rent your tent,
and so, to present the tent and any accessories such as roof racks, awnings, camping gears.

Payment management service
The customers can use the most popular payment systems: VISA, MASTERCARD, SOFORT, etc.

Booking system
Easily to use

Messaging system
You can chat with customers and Vivishare client service

We'll spread your tent around the world!

Each renter can autonomously enter a short description and a detailed description,
add pictures and choose the rental price. A beautiful visualised product sheet
summarises all features.

Tipica Scheda prodotto di Vivishare

2. Customer's instruments

Search on the map
You can quickly view on the map and find out the tent that best suits your needs.
So you will find a description, images, the price, and accessories as well.

Mappa delle tende in Vivishare

You can ask questions about products.
Having identified your tent, you can ask questions to the renter.

The simple booking system offers the possibility to choose from the calendar
the collection and redelivery dates and to see the final price instantly.

Payments Security
The reservation system provides online payment by credit card with security service
SSL and 3D.

3. Goals

Anyone who owns a rooftop tent is welcome in Vivishare!

Our rental service is useful for those who decide to make the first experience before a
possible purchase and for those who need the tent a few weeks a year, or for those who
need it for some events.

A trip with the tent on the car is a real adventure: you can discover unusual places,
get in fascinating and unknown places, without the worry of finding a bed.
A tent on the car is an ideal shelter for all outdoor activities.

Prices are adequate for a rental: for example, a week can vary from 125 to 140 euros, which for a couple is about € 9-10 / day for each one!

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via Armando Diaz 27/A 38023
Cles - Trentino Alto Adige

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