Online shop for the purchase of car roof tents such as Maggiolina.
We have introduced the innovative Ikamper tents to the Italian market. South Korean company that is making its way into the world market and reaching the most famous Autohome tents (maggiolina aircamping, overcamp).

ikamper is establishing itself as the first successful imported tent in Italy .


  • Accessories

    Car roof top tent accessories, such as bike rack, kayak rack, pad rack.

  • Car curtains

    The car roof top tent is attached to the top of the car using roof bars.

    Compared to a traditional awning to be placed on the ground, it is the practicality and speed of opening that distinguishes this product.

    In a few seconds it is possible to open the tent, and find the bed ready. In fact, these tents contain the mattress supplied with the tent inside.

    Another non-negligible advantage is the comfort of sleeping high above the ground. In fact, being at a greater height from the ground, the tent absorbs less humidity.

    Traditionally this tent is used for off-road trips. Today it is also expanding for tourist trips, camping and exploration of the area. Unlike our competitors we have tents for any travel need, and for any type of car.
    We have the experience to recommend the best product, not only in terms of choosing the most suitable roof tent, but also in terms of fixing it to the car, which is an important part. Very often certain resellers leave the solution of this very important part to the customer for their own safety and that of others.

  • Roof bars

    The roof bars for cars allow you to carry many types of objects on the roof of the car, off-road vehicle, van and save space inside the passenger compartment, the trunk or the trunk.
    You can not only save space, but also bring items that you otherwise would not be able to take with you on the trip: skis, canoes, bikes, surfboards, paddle boards, roof tents for camping.

  • Portable kitchens

    Storage systems, field kitchens, portable kitchens for cars.
    With the expansion of the car awning market, the associated need arises to find greater rationality in the storage of one's travel belongings, in particular the organization of fires and crockery.

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