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The car roof top tent is attached to the top of the car using roof bars.

Compared to a traditional awning to be placed on the ground, it is the practicality and speed of opening that distinguishes this product.

In a few seconds it is possible to open the tent, and find the bed ready. In fact, these tents contain the mattress supplied with the tent inside.

Another non-negligible advantage is the comfort of sleeping high above the ground. In fact, being at a greater height from the ground, the tent absorbs less humidity.

Traditionally this tent is used for off-road trips. Today it is also expanding for tourist trips, camping and exploration of the area. Unlike our competitors we have tents for any travel need, and for any type of car.
We have the experience to recommend the best product, not only in terms of choosing the most suitable roof tent, but also in terms of fixing it to the car, which is an important part. Very often certain resellers leave the solution of this very important part to the customer for their own safety and that of others.


  • ikamper

    iKAMPER Roof Top Tents:

  • Gear Rock

    The Kootenay hard roof tent from the Gear Rock brand.

    In the range of rooftop tents you will find a hard shell model designed by Canada Gear and its customers and users. The GEAR ROCK® brand tent was developed by Canada Gear in collaboration with North American partners, such as Roofnest to give you maximum comfort and flexibility during your trip.

    The robust "Kootenay" car roof tent offers reliable protection in any weather. This is ensured by the two completely weatherproof hard shells and the best tent material of the fabric components. We also provide you with a thermal insert, which keeps the tent pleasantly warm even in winter temperatures.

    Despite the robust hard shells, the roof tent weighs only 58 kilograms - the Kootenay GEAR ROCK® thus beats conventional hard tents, which are usually only available from a weight of 60 kilograms.

    You also get a lot of accessories as standard with the Kootenay. These include, for example, several pockets that provide enough space for everything you want to have with you in the tent.

    We've also added a large mesh under the top hard shell, so you can pack all sorts of stuff in there. The car roof tent is also equipped with an LED light, which you can also remove if necessary. We also supply your hard shell roof tent with a large cozy duvet measuring 180cm x 210cm. It keeps you dry and warm, even if you want to take advantage of the panoramic view and roll up the large vents.

    Of course, you can also take a look at the rooftop tents and try them out. Come and visit us in our showroom. Visit for rental.

    If you have any questions to ask us in advance, we are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 on our service hotline +3348641598.

    We can't wait to make your trip even more special!

  • Thule-tepui

    Tepui is one of America's recognized leaders in rooftop tents and adventure gear for those seeking borderless exploration.

    The Tepui company was officially bought by THULE. A guarantee for an excellent product.

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